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With today’s persisting degrees of poverty, ignorance and disease, The Little Flock  Foundation has recognized the need to invest and empower the marginalized segments of our  society, with a focus on children and youth, aiming at the 2030 SDGS “no one shall be left behind”. Hence, we have taken the initiative to support the unprivileged via implementing three  ongoing programs: Life Together, Brighter Future and Little Seeds.

Life Together

Brighter Future

Little Seeds


Participate in development projects as an active member of the Egyptian society, while developing the full capabilities of the marginalized to achieve sustainable development goals.


1.Achieving sustainable development for marginalized children and youth in Egypt through: • Quality education for children, youth and persons with disabilities. • Health care services for persons with disabilities. • Cooperation with entities and institutions to support technical education. • Cooperation with training centers and organizations to support vocational training, which in turn contribute in economic empowerment for the different segments of the society. 2. Cooperation with entities and organizations to implement joint projects and share acquired expertise. 3. Implementation of community capacity projects in underprivileged areas in Egypt. 4. Building Awareness in the community about the importance of development projects through social media or the issuance of a magazine or periodic bulletin about the activities of the organization. 5. Providing programs, activities and training sessions to learn about modern management methods and administrative development. 6. Educating the public by conducting feasibility studies and administrative requirements.


Have you ever observed a flock of birds? Did you wonder why they choose to fly in groups, with perfect synergy and harmony? Flying as a flock gives birds strength and protection, as well as increases the individual member of the flock’s chance of survival. This is exactly how The "Little Flock" views a community: a flock of birds flying together as one, empowering one another.
We love our community and strive for its development; therefore, we adapt our development strategies according to each community’s culture and needs. We believe that in order for the flock to be strong, the individuals within these marginalized communities should be empowered to grow. To do so, we chose to start with the key to any society’s future: its children and youth…The Little Flock.


"No one should be left behind" . Hence, we carry the responsibility of integrating marginalized segments of our society in order to be empowered to cope with the modernism. Therefore, our core values are summarized as: Integrity, Inclusion, Sustainability and Empowerment.


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